Video-game technology isn’t just for fun and games. Down near the Gulf Coast, the Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise (LITE) is taking the type of coding used to create Call of Duty and Halo 4 and employing it for training programs. Erin Ryan, communications coordinator at the state-funded nonprofit, says LITE-developed programs are helping prepare workers to handle potentially dangerous situations at offshore oil rigs. It even has helped train people who hold signal flags at construction projects, Ryan says. And the technology helps them learn faster than they could without the video gamesmanship.

Also from LITE: a six-sided room that, when you’re in it, gives a sense of being in a three-dimensional world, much like the holodeck on Star Trek. LITE employed it to help a local hospital’s staff walk through a virtual rendering of a new medical center before it was built. Being in those virtual rooms helped staffers notice and fix design problems long before the facility’s first footings were poured. Imagine it being used with home plans.

Ryan showed off LITE’s work in New Orleans last month to participants at the ProSales 100 conference.