Thanks in part to your tips, we have learned of several dozen LBMs that have opened facilities in the past 17 months. Oklahoma and Washington each saw at least three new facilities begin operations. On the other hand, roughly 600 have closed or been mothballed during the same time period. You can find the full lists of openings and closing, plus maps pinpointing the locations, at Help us keep these lists up to date: If you know of any openings or closing, e-mail Craig Webb at or call him at 202.736.3307.

Industry Outlook

Tom Wolf returns as CEO and chair of The Wolf Organization and shares his view on the LBM industry after a three year absence. The current marketplace offers challenges and opportunities too significant for him to watch from the sidelines.

Roundtable Returns

ProSales Online columnist Chris Rader says the best investment a dealer can make today is to join an industry roundtable. One dealer who actively participates in these sessions is putting dollars on the bottom line beyond 10%, even in this economic climate. Find Wolf's "Painful Choices, Positive Outlook" and Rader's "LBM's Best Kept Secret" in Opinions under the News tab at ProSales Online.

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Correction In "2009 Editors' Choice" (March, page 36), we printed an incorrect phone number for Boar Blades. The correct number is 925.934.4488. We regret the error.

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