No doubt you’ve felt the almost parental joy that comes when you see a new staffer grow almost overnight. I’ve been that way lately with regard to Hallie Busta, ProSales’ assistant editor. She joined us last spring, a few months prior to graduating from Northwestern University, and in just one year she has become such an invaluable part of the team that she wrote the two most recent cover stories. Last month, her report on the ProSales 100 capped off several months of research and statistical analysis. And this issue, her coverage of how dealers are faring amid the building boom in Midland, Texas—a story she conceived and proposed—displays an ever-more-discerning eye for detail and ear for the good quote.

Hallie is a native of Akron, Ohio, who comes to work early, stays late, and understands from family experience what it’s like to be in a sales-driven business. She’s done wonders for ProSales’ website and social media efforts, and we look forward to sending her on the road as much as possible for you to get to know her.

Such travel is vital in these days in which housing’s revival is causing you to change how you operate. A hunker-down mentality doesn’t suit these times; instead, you’re telling us that you’re planning to grow your operations, refill your yards, and hire new staff to meet increased demands.

As you well know, such plans don’t always work as originally intended. You’ll recall from our January/February issue that our reload effort included the hiring of a new editor to handle day-to-day duties while I moved into the role of editor-in-chief of both ProSales and its sister publication, Remodeling. But that new hire quickly decided he’d rather write about endocrinologists. So for the past few issues I’ve been back in the saddle, particularly in May when we published our biggest issue since 2006.

But now we’ve reloaded the editor’s position as well, and it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Steve Campbell. Steve not only has been a journalist for several decades, most recently at a community newspaper in Virginia, but he also ran his own remodeling business for several years and even worked at The Home Depot. You’ll see Steve’s initial work in sections such as Yard Notables, and in coming months we hope you’ll get to see him in person. One of the recommendations about Steve that won me over was when a former boss said Steve is always seeking to find that extra source and do that one extra bit to distinguish his work from the competition. Such enterprise reminds me of you. -Craig Webb, 202.736.3307,