Communicating your yard's top-level goals with employees at all ranks is difficult if each person doesn't know his or her role in the organization. Industry consultant Paul Winans, who contributes to our sister magazine Remodeling, explains why businesses can benefit from having an organizational manual at the ready. In this series for Remodeling, he explains how to set one up in three steps—and suggests making one for just about every position in your company.

1. Determine the tasks on the employee's plate. Decide what work is necessary, what jobs can be reassigned, and what needs to be eliminated.

2. Assign tasks—or, "key accountabilities." Work with the employee to make sure her duties match her skills and abilities.

3. Assemble the descriptions to form a chain of command. Knowing how her description meshes with those of her co-workers will help everyone understand how your organization's network functions.