Title page to ProSales' 2016 survey on taking credit cards and generally getting paid

Now you can download the results of ProSales' latest survey of dealers on credit cards and on how fast they're getting paid.

The nine-page document provides much of the underlying data used in two recent stories on the results. Those stories said:

* Three-quarters of dealers responding to the survey say they are seeing more use of credit cards at their stores. And while they find the trend troubling, most still accept them--even to pay past-due balances.
* Dealers differ markedly these days in how quickly they're getting paid and what they have to do to collect on bills.

The survey results also inspired a column by BlueTarp CEO Scott Simpson in which he argued that dealers shouldn't fear the notion that restricting or forbidding credit-card use will cost them customers. Rather, continuing to accept them "is a recipe for making less money," he argues.

The onlne survey was conducted in June. Of the 210 respondents, 179 worked in LBM and had some level of responsibility for credit and collections. The results were based on those 179 responses, which came from across the United States.

In keeping with ProSales' standard practice, only those who took part in the survey received the written comments as well as the numerical results.