The importance of team building lies not only in making your employees happy, but also in making your business more profitable. Though your team might be busy and work might be piling up, you have to make time for team building, the People First Productivity Solutions blog argues. Team building helps to give people more of a purpose. Without that purpose, employees are more likely to become disenchanted with their jobs:

Asking people for peak performance day after day is counter-productive. They'll do it, vigorously and with commitment. At first. Then they'll get bored with routines and start going through the motions. Without recognition and encouragement, productivity levels will decline.

People First's blog emphasizes that team building activities will help to improve employee morale because it reminds them "that they're all in it together." Boosted morale can also lead to more cooperation among coworkers which will make the team more effective.

Team effectiveness is where you can begin to see your ROI in team building activities. The blog tells of one team who, after training, woud have a spike in productivity that would then dwindle rather quickly. After the team's third round of team building, however, the company saw dramatic improvements in work quality, complaints subsided, and a drop in turnover rate. "The team was working together as a longer compromised by poor morale, feelings of being disrespected, low engagement, high turnover or the other impairments that surfaced when the team felt used and depleted."

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