Sammy the squirrel
Ronnie Spradlin / East Texas Lumber Sammy the squirrel

Readers of last week's WebbLog met Boo, the giant Irish Wolfhound that Ronnie Spradlin of East Texas Lumber, Kilgore, Texas, keeps as a pet. Spradlin likes smaller creatures as well, such as this squirrel, which he rescued, bottle-fed and named Sammy.

"He ran around on top of the gondolas and loved to leap on customers shoulders," noted Spradlin, East Texas Lumber's president. "They did not always want him there."

That didn't bother Sammy, though. "He loved people so much that he would run across the open floor to get to a person," Spradlin wrote. "He liked to sleep inside my shirt in the front, laying on my belly, and letting my shirt act like a hammock. He would stay there six hours a day, if I let him." Spradlin eventually let Sammy run free at Spradlin's home.