Mike Hurlburt Roscoe

If you see Mike Hurlburt on the road, chances are you'll also see Roscoe, pictured here, a rottweiler-German shepherd who rides with Hurlburt as he logs a couple hundred miles a day picking up and delivering materials for Nielson's Building Center in Point Roberts, Wash. Because of Nielson's unique location–Point Roberts sits on a peninsula attached to the Canadian province of British Columbia but is officially part of the U.S.–Hurlburt and Roscoe make border crossings a couple times a day (with documentation for both) to reach suppliers in Canada and to go into "mainland" United States for pickups. Getting 28 miles away to Blaine, Wash., which is where managing editor Katy Tomasulo caught up with them yesterday, and to other points south, requires four passes through border crossings round trip. Hurlburt says he doesn't mind the miles–a radio and a dog are all he needs. And not only is Roscoe a good companion, "He doesn't complain when I sing."