Jon Whorley D.J.

Jon Whorley, sales manager of Cedar Valley Mfg. in Hollister, Calif., introduced us to this week's yard pet. D.J.–short for David Jr.–was named after the worker who rescued the stab-wounded cat off the street. "He is a lap cat, or, more appropriately, a paperwork pile cat," Whorley writes. "He loves to climb up on your desk, walk across your keyboard, and lie right on top of whatever paperwork you have on your desk. Then he will meow until you scratch his head. He sleeps 20 hours a day, wakes up at break time to go out into the plant and beg for food from the workers, then goes back to the office to sleep on somebody's paperwork pile. We put him out every Friday night and he comes back every Monday morning at 5:30 a.m." D.J. is photographed above at Christmastime, where he saw some decorations being put up and naturally had to lie on the tinsel.