Builder magazine’s John McManus writes on how the the building and construction industry continue to face uncertainty when it comes to “attracting and retaining skilled young workers.”

In doing so, industry leaders need to find ways to draw a young labor force to replace the aging labor force as they “move toward their career exit doors at a great rate than young replacement workers enter into the construction trades.”

We're hearing about a lot of initiatives, funds, public relations campaigns, apprenticeship programs, etc. aimed at addressing the issue.

Still, how many job site builders aspire to having their own kids grow up to be job site builders? As noble, as fulfilling, as purpose-filled, as technologically challenging, as managerially complex, and as collaborative as a construction trade worker's job must be in this day and age, the P.R. job is about offsetting the negatives.

The negatives are about the unpredictability, the wage uncertainty, the breakdowns in schedule, and the unreliability of a construction skill to provide a steady livelihood.

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