Our gallery of yard pets launched in January witha dog in Washington State featured in TV commercials. Now we honor Casey, the Britney spaniel at Branford (Conn.) Building Supplies who for more than seven years was featured on billboards and in print advertising. In this photo, she's promoting a window brand by declaring not "I like your windows" but rather"I lick your windows."

"Casey is great," says Candice Kehoe, one of Branford's employees, of the recently retired pooch."He always speaks on command--even if there isn't a cookie offered. Casey was identified with Branford Building Supplies before he became a star. The transition was natural, because he conveys what it means to be a part of this family-owned business. Everyone here works hard to provide quality and value to our customers, but BBS is also a friendly, fun loving place."

Casey the dog in Branford Building Supplies ad
Branford Building Supplies Casey the dog in Branford Building Supplies ad