In an article for ProSales' sister site, Remodeling, Paul Winans explores what business owners should be doing now in order to plan for their futures. If you have ideas for what you'd like to do when you stop running your company, Winans can help you get there.

  • Celebrate Your Accomplishments: Running a business can be tiring, but don't forget to revisit everything you've achieved over the years.
  • Start Now: Why wait until your life post-company to do the activities you have always want to do? You'll have a renewed energy by starting now, and have something fun to share with customers.
  • Get Outside Financial Advice: Have an objective person compare what you want for yourself and what you'll be able to afford. Better to find out possible issues now while you've still got a paycheck.

These are just three of the seven tips Winans offers to business owners. Follow the link below for more pointers about planning for your future below.

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