The construction industry is facing a labor shortage which is in part due to the lack of millennial workers in the industry. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that less than one third of the construction work force is comprised of millennials. While there is no quick-fix for the shortage, HomeAdvisor, a home services firm, notes four ways you can encourage the younger generation to enter the industry.

  1. Change their perceptions. Most millennials don't get enough exposure to the construction/LBM industry and aren't aware of the stability and respectability that comes with working in the sector. Exposing and educating millennials about the industry could encourage them to pursue jobs in LBM.
  2. Offer alternate education. Work with your local education institution to establish an education system (a trade school of sorts) to prepare students for positions in LBM.
  3. Bring back mentorships and apprenticeships. Create a mentorship or apprenticeship program at your company. It will give you the opportunity to teach the younger generation how your business operates and will give them hands-on experience in LBM.
  4. Entrepreneurship. A study conducted by Home Advisor revealed that 60% of millennials are driven by business ownership when they choose their career. Showcase the entrepreneurial side of your business to young workers and encourage them to find new ways to achieve their goals.

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