Remodeling contractors often go to your yard more than once while working on one project. These multiple visits cut down on their productivity and eat into their profits. Below, you'll find some great tips to give to your customers to help reduce their trips and save them money. By helping your clients cut their costs, they'll be much happier with you and they'll be more likely to return when they're working on their next project.

  1. Make Sure They're Aware of the Number of Trips They've Taken. If you notice the same contractors coming back multiple times, suggest that they do a work sheet that computes exactly how much time and money they are losing by making several trips to the yard. Costs they should consider include labor, time, and gas.
  2. Help Them Plan. Have your customers write out a list of everything they will need for the upcoming weeks. Work with them to determine what kind of products, and how much of each, they're going to need to complete the task.
  3. Create a Cheat Sheet. Make sure your customers are writing down the manufacturer, item number, cost, and color of the products they purchase from you. That way, if they ever need more, it'll be easier for them, and you, to get the same materials.
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