Once most business owners reach a certain age or career milestone, they begin thinking about their legacy. What are they leaving behind, or how are they preparing the next generation? These are all topics touched on in a column by Al Bavry, CEO of Kimal Lumber & Hardware over at the FBMA website. Kimal describes the industry as "organized chaos" and talks about a couple ways dealers can create their legacies:

A big one is to simply “Mentor” those coming up…Our life experiences are priceless, and had to be earned and learned the hard way. Another kind of Legacy is participating in trade organizations: Being more (not less) available for "big picture" development things. Or, continue to participate in new product roll-out and development. Another possibility is to offer your wealth of experience as a part-time, unpaid consultant to sectors in the industry that would accept such help.

Legacy can have a different meaning for every person, it's not such a cut and dry topic. Head on over to the FBMA website to read the full column and all of Kimal's thoughts on leaving a legacy. And if this is something you've been thinking about, tell us in the comments below! We'd love to hear how you're planning out a legacy today.

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