The Construction Suppliers Association (CSA) announced today it will launch the Women in Lumber Leadership (WILL) Collaborative, an educational community for women in leadership positions in the lumber industry.

The first session will take place at the Forrest Hills Mountain Resort & Conference Center in Dahlonega, Ga., and will last Sept. 22-25.

"The lumber industry has long been known as a 'man’s world,'" reads the opening sentence of the WILL brochure. "As more women enter the industry as owners, managers and supervisors, we recognize a growing call to focus leadership on issues specific to women and what it means to be an industry pioneer."

This event is the first of a three-year program where members will meet twice each year. The program will deal with topics such as leadership and presentation skills, the ability to influence others, building a professional community, gaining insight into personal strengths and leadership abilities, and conflict resolution. Members will learn together and create a community of industry leaders. 

Registration for the first session will be limited to 25 participants, and costs $1,749. To register, click here. The registration deadline is July 1.