Don’t let the #’s, @’s, RT’s and’s scare you away from linking up with fellow industry pros on the Web. That’s because, as the adage goes, it’s not what you know but who you know—err, follow. And Twitter is for more than just promoting products and services. It’s an important space for keeping current on trends and best practices. ProSales has compiled a list of go-to sources for real-time industry conversations. Whether you’re still weighing the value prop of launching a social platform or are a seasoned Twitter vet, consider adding these handles to your feed. 

@leahthayer highlights former Remodeling magazine senior editor Leah Thayer’s observations on remodeling-oriented subjects

@LmbrChick is the site for Cally Coleman Fromme of Zarsky Lumber in Victoria, Texas. She’s this year’s chairwoman of the National Lumber & Building Material Dealers Association.

@gypsumtoday tracks developments in the drywall and gypsum industry

@lumbertribe is run by veteran New England dealer Greg Branecky as an offshoot of his duly named blog. He offers stats on market trends and business management for dealers.

@ProductsInsider’s author, Katy Tomasulo, spent more than a decade working for ProSales’ parent company. Her blog focuses on new products.

@kbtribechat hosts weekly, hour-long “conversations” on Twitter. Join in or read through the responses to stay current on kitchen and bath trends.

@leadershipsales is ProSales contributor Rick Davis’ account. He is the president of the Chicago-based building materials training organization Building Leaders.

@BillLeeResource talks best practices and business management and is run by industry consultant, speaker and ProSales contributor Bill Lee. 

@NewSouthSupply is the voice of ProSales contributor Jim Sobeck as he talks industry news. Sobeck is president and CEO of New South Supply in Columbia, S.C.

@products_hound is kept up by Builder magazine senior editor Nigel Maynard whose job it is to track down the latest and greatest in building products.

@StevePROForce was featured in ProSales’ April issue as an industry leader in social media use. Steve Linksy is the social media director at National Lumber in Mansfield, Mass.

@KuikenBrothers got a mention in ProSales’ April Issue for its newly launched social media platform. The talk now is about decking products, but will shift to framing materials come summer.

@reThinkWood educates on the use of wood as a building material as part of a broader initiative to represent the stakeholders in American wood products and forestry industries. 

@EltonMayfield is a busines-to-business marketing exec with the firm ER Marketing who works with the building materials industry.

@stevekleber is behind an integrated marketing firm that works with residential and commercial building products companies.