Pie chart showing the 2016 ProSales 100 members' sales by customer type

We've gotten out of the habit of publishing the ProSales 100 results broken down according to the constituent groups that provide LBM dealers with their revenue, but it's useful to compare this year's numbers with, say, those of 2011 to spot trends.

At the top level, nothing has changed: Single-family custom builders provided an average of 34.1% of the revenue generated by the 89 of the 100 companies on our list that provided a sales breakdown. That's virtually the same as in the 2011 ProSales report.

It's when you dig deeper that you see changes. For instance, single-family production builders provided 13% of the revenue to dealers in the latest report vs. 9% in 2011, while multifamily builders' share grew to 11.7% in the latest report from 9% in 2011. On the other hand, revenue from remodelers fell to 12.7% of the total in 2016 from 19% five years earlier. And consumer sales declined to 6.8% from 9%.

Taken together, these shifts reflect the recovery in the new-home construction market and the fact that new-home builders buy more products from dealers than remodelers and retail customers do.

In both years cited here, the numbers were based on averaging each company's response for each category. Thus, the percentages provided by companies at the bottom of the list counted as much as those at the top. We'll examine this numbers on a size-adjusted basis in another report.