Former ProSales editor Greg Brooks made a deep dive into this year's ProSales 100 numbers and emerged with thoughts on what the figures say about US LBM, Builders FirstSource, and several other major dealers.

Brooks, who runs the educational group Building Supply Channel Inc. and writes the LBM Executive blog, says it's a mystery that US LBM's gross revenue per employee--"already a middling $397,500 in 2014—fell to $390,500. ... [N]ot only is the company lagging behind the ProSales 100, it’s losing ground vs. itself. Its sales per employee fell from 2014 to 2015. Whether this should raise red flags is another matter. It’s possible that corporate overhead is getting bloated, but it might just be growing pains. Other major chains seem to have them, too."

As for BFS, Brooks say:

At Builders FirstSource, sales declined 0.3% last year. BFS is still integrating with ProBuild, of course, and by all accounts, handling it with kid gloves. The unit count fell from 450 to 400 in 2015 as overlapping yards were closed, but the employee count has remained dead level at 14,000. That’s obviously a ballpark figure, but independents who compete with BFS say they haven’t seen the exodus of managers and salespeople that many expected.

As for BMC Stock Holdings, "The word from most markets is that Stock employees are happy about the change, and that may be a factor in the company’s top-line numbers," he writes.

There also are comments involving 84 Lumber and Carter Lumber. Visit Brooks' blog to see the entire analysis.

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