2016 ProSales 100 Chart showing percentage of dealers selling various products

For all that's said about the rise of specialty dealers that focus on particular product lines, the members of the 2016 ProSales 100 offer a much more diverse product mix. Of the 94 companies in the PS100 that told us what they sold, roughly nine out of 10 peddle exterior doors, decking, housewrap, windows, and millwork.

Shingles tend to be regarded as more of a specialty product, but three-quarters of all ProSales 100 dealers carry them. The real differences arrive when you look at who sells more commercial products, such as steel studs and acoustical tiles, or more retail goods, such as grills and flooring. And some distinctions tend to be hidden, such as occurs with drop-ship companies. They may sell other stuff besides lumber, but that's the bulk of their revenue.

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