Last year, just 16% of the ProSales 100 dealers who responded to our tech questions said they planned to spend no more than a quarter percent of revenues on information technology, while 37% percent would spend between one-quarter and one-half percent. That was a deviation from the norm. This year, nearly twice that percentage of dealers plan to spend less than 0.25% of revenues on IT.

Percentage of sales that PS100 members plan to spend on technology products and services in 2016

Meanwhile, dealers' online and e-commerce offerings are relatively thin, with customer account access (57%) the most popular feature. Online order tracking and bill payment capabilities show the greatest growth potential, with 50% and 45% of dealers planning to offer them, respectively. And despite the buzz, 58% of dealers do not use or have plans to use a CRM system.

Online/e-commerce services offered by ProSales 100 dealers and future plans to expand offerings
ProSales 100 dealers on using CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems
25% already use a CRM
17% plan to get one
58% do not plan to use a CRM