Only 12 dealers on this year’s ProSales 100 say they specialize in a particular product, such as roofing or drywall. Nevertheless, those dozen firms accounted for 37.3% of the entire ProSales 100’s sales. In contrast, lumberyards without manufacturing made up 30% of the group but figured in only 7.9% of the sales.

Primary business emphasis of the ProSales 100
The ProSales 100 measured by each group's share of total pro sales

Ranking the ProSales 100 firms by business emphasis reflects those numbers. Though the list only contained 12 specialty dealers, most of those firms appeared in the upper half of the list. All of the top 10 dealers with manufacturing capabilities are in the top 20 overall, while the highest-ranked dealer without manufacturing appears 18th on the list.

Top 10 dealers on the ProSales 100 by type

Top 10 specialty dealers
Top 10 dealers with manufacturing capabilities
Top 10 dealers without manufacturing capabilities