In the ProSales 100, birds of a feather often show up on lists together. For instance, US LBM and Central Network Retail Group both acquired a lot of companies last year, so it stands to reason they ranked 1-2 for percentage sales increases and gains in employee count. Likewise, two specialty dealers were first and second in staff reduction percentages.

Five biggest sales increases by percent
Five biggest sales declines by percent
Five biggest hiring increases by number
Five biggest hiring decreases by number

Size matters, but so does efficiency, and these two metrics point to which dealers are getting the most out of their facilities and out of each of their employees. In both cases, the rankings tend to favor drop-ship firms like Shelter Products and Matheus Lumber. Companies with a heavier retail component tend to not do as well here.

Top 15 ProSales 100 dealers ranked by sales per facility
Top 25 ProSales 100 companies ranked by sales per employee