It's time to launch the 2015 edition of the annual ProSales 100 survey of the top companies in LBM. You are invited to take part and show how you have progressed over the past 12 months.

Here's the scoop: It's an online survey that should take no more than 20 minutes to complete. Please return the survey by Wednesday, April 15. Results will be published in ProSales' May edition, just like last year.

As always, we'll link your name to only a few of the initial questions that you answer. Responses to all other questions will be reported in the aggregate and won't be individually identifiable.

Here's how to fill out the survey:

  1. Click this link.
  2. Save a copy of the web address. You'll need it should you decide to quit the survey and/or have someone else fill out parts of it.
  3. Enter your email address. This is how your survey will be identified from then on, so if anyone else helps fill out the form, they'll need to enter the same e-mail address when they make their contributions.
  4. Start filling in the information. Data will be saved as you enter it. Remember: You can quit the survey provided you first save the web URL and remember the e-mail address you used. To get back in, click on the URL you saved and then enter your e-mail address. You should be taken to where you left off.
  5. Once you reach the end, your information will be considered complete. We then will send you an email within a couple of days confirming the info arrived correctly.

If you want to fill out the survey by hand or show a copy of the questions to another person in your firm, click here to download the survey as a Word document. You also can download a PDF version of the form. Once you're done, you then can email the results to or fax it back to us at 202.785.1974.

Questions? Contact ProSales editor-in-chief Craig Webb at or 202.736.3307.