From a top-down view, this year's ProSales 100 seems to sing the same tune it's been singing for years. The top six companies are the same as last year, holding the exact same position, and sales in 2014 rose again to $38.7 billion. But looking at the list a little closer, and the rumblings of change are on the horizon. The planned takeover of No. 2 ProBuild by No. 6 Builder's FirstSource should create a juggernaut to topple ABC Supply. US LBM made its way into the top 10 through acquisitions, and other high-ranking companies have already been acquired by even higher-ranking companies, shifting the list even more.

But all the posturing at the top of the list is par for the course, the smaller dealers are the real stars of the show this year. Outside of the top 10, the smaller dealers' sales rose 12.1% and increased payrolls by 8.2%. The top 10 only beat out the rest of the list in facility growth, 5.3% vs. 4.5%.

Overall, 89 firms recorded sales gains, three saw no change, and eight posted sales declines.

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