The ProSales 100 is a list of the nation’s top professional-oriented full-line lumberyards and specialty dealers ranked by the dollar value of their sales to pros and based on information they submitted to the 2013 ProSales 100 survey. No estimates were made by ProSales of sales, facilities, or personnel. Any section in which a company was unwilling to provide information was marked in the Top 100 list as n/a, or not available. Percentages shown in the tables and charts throughout this report are based on the number of dealers responding to its related survey question. Participants needed to make at least one-third of their sales to professional builders, remodelers, or other contractors in order to be included. Results were collected online by The Farnsworth Group of Indianapolis or e-mailed directly to ProSales staff. If your firm would like to be considered for inclusion in next year’s survey, please contact editor-in-chief Craig Webb at or 202.736.3307.