We've tallied the ProSales 100 numbers, and the results are so huge we decided to give you a preview of the entire PS100 report before it comes out on May 13: The nation's biggest pro-oriented construction supply companies sold a collective $41.74 billion worth of goods last year. That's the biggest total since 2006, when the housing boom was cresting.

You need to measure the change in the collective PS100 in two ways, because mergers, acquisitions, and decisions to participate alters the PS100's membership every year. The 2016 list has 16 new companies on the list and numbers from nine companies that, because M&A deals, are now folded into the figures for other dealers; the mergers of BMC with Stock Building Supply and Builders FirstSource with ProBuild are examples.

Compared with 2015's participants, the class of 2016 posted a sales increase of 7.9%. But when you ask the 2016 ProSales 100 firms to compare how they did in 2015 against their own showing (or the combined totals of their now-merged firms) in 2014, they report a 10.2% gain.

This year's report also continues the shift in a longer-running trend involving the relationship between PS100 companies' sales and the number of housing starts. In all but two years between 2003 and 2013, dealers' revenue changes either went up more or else shrank less than did the change in new-home starts. But for both 2014 and 2015, that hasn't been the case; in 2015, for instance, starts rose 17.4%, or roughly twice dealers' growth. Declines in commodities prices could be one reason why.

We plan to reveal some other snapshots from the ProSales 100 in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.