Greg Brooks, a former editor of ProSales, says the presentation by Chason Hecht of Retensa at the ProSales 100 Conference in New Orleans on Feb. 24-26 had the greatest impact on him, in part because it reminded him of what he's seen in all the lobbies of all the lumberyards he's visited.

The connection came because Hecht said a company's culture is revealed in part through the physical items you can see--items he called "artifacts." Artifacts represent values, and values in turn drive beliefs. Adds Brooks:

The point is that you have to understand your existing culture in order to change it, and many employers don’t. They know what it looks like to them, but they’re so steeped in it that they can’t see what it looks like to an outsider or a marginally-engaged employee.

That insight prompted a series of recollections by Brooks regarding what he's seen at places he visited. They include a Wall of Fame devoted to employees, a counter in California's wine country offering free popcorn and coffee, a rebuilt Florida fish house, and a grizzly bear.

What do those artifacts tell you about the companies that house them? Brooks has his opinions. Check 'em out.

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