For a third consecutive year, ProSales seeks your help in identifying four people under age 40 with the potential to lead building material supply in future years. We want to expose them to great thinkers and current executives by having them attend the 2017 ProSales 100 Conference as well as induct them into the ProSales Four Under 40 Class of 2017.

Winners get a free trip to the conference, where they will speak as part of a panel on next-generation leaders. They also will be profiled in ProSales’ January issue.

An enormous generational shift is taking place at building material dealers and distributors across America. Baby boomers are retiring, and with their departure will go a lot of older ideas about how best to operate an LBM facility. Who will replace them? That’s a key question. Identifying and training future leaders has never been so important. 

The annual ProSales 100 Conference—which will be held in 2017 in San Antonio on March 1-3 — provides an unmatched opportunity for tomorrow’s potential leaders to meet today’s top executives. Our formal sessions and casual social activities make it possible for smart, talented younger people to learn what it takes to manage a top-level LBM organization today.

We’ve got the venue. What we need now are your nominations.

Here’s the process:

Part 1

  1. Any manager at a building material supply dealer, as well as any industry consultant, is invited to nominate a candidate. The candidate must work at a lumberyard, specialty building material dealer, or a distributor. There's no limit on the number of candidates from a company that can be nominated, but if all are selected, all must be able to attend the ProSales 100 conference.
  2. In the nomination letter (an email will do, but you also can use the form at the bottom of the page), give us the candidate’s name, current title, work location, and and birth date. All candidates for the Four Under 40 Class of 2017 must have been born in January 1977 or later.
  3. Tell us why, in your opinion, this candidate has the potential to be an executive within the LBM industry. Give examples of leadership potential.
  4. Indicate the potential career path you see for this candidate. This path need not always be at your company.
  5. If you nominate this candidate, it is assumed that your company will allow this person to attend the ProSales 100 Conference. Do not nominate a candidate who wouldn’t be able to attend.
  6. Email the application by Oct. 14 to ProSales assistant editor Curtis Sprung at

Part 2

  1. ProSales staff will inform each nominee that he or she has been suggested as a Four Under 40 candidate.
  2. Nominees who wish to pursue this honor will be asked to write an essay of no more than 400 words. The candidates’ essay must detail what they’ve learned in LBM to date, what their career goals are, and what they’d most like to get from attending the PS100 Conference.
  3. The essay must be emailed by Oct 28. to ProSales assistant editor Curtis Sprung at

ProSales staff will select and inform the winners by Nov. 4.