Founded in 1927 by Hank Bockus’ great grandfather, Gordon White Lumber has grown to comprise six locations, all within a 90-mile radius of Oklahoma City. Bockus recently embarked on an effort to give his 10-truck fleet an overhaul using the emerging vinyl wrap trend. Thanks to the help of two trusted employees, the result is something likely not seen before in the lumber industry.

War Paint We wanted to unify the look of our fleet. The majority [of our trucks] are white, but we also have blue, yellow, and red. We would slap our name on the door panel, but it didn’t look very good. The cost of getting the trucks painted was high. It just didn’t seem justified.

We're looking to gain the market exposure any way that we can.

Battle Plan We tried to come up with a design so that our trucks would turn heads. Employees Kevin Joyner and Daniel Sierra worked with me throughout the process. We went through three or four proofs and trashed them. Then Kevin came to work one day and said he had an idea.

Delta Force One What we started with and what we ended up with were very different. The design encompasses the World War II fighter plane look. It has real metal diamond plating that gives it a heavy industrial look.

Trojan Horse We kept the look a secret from the crew until the first truck was finished. As a joke, we showed a photo with an overlay of a fake look: Something totally absurd, like flowers and a unicorn. After a few minutes, we showed them the real truck. Then everyone started asking when their truck would be next.

Reaction Time Customers love it. They think it looks awesome. During my entire career, I’ve never had anyone say, “I saw your truck.” So far, two people have said something, so I feel like it’s good exposure.

—As told to Erin Ansley