Innovation is a word that gets thrown around in the construction and remodeling industries a lot. Whether its an innovative new product or an innovative new color, its something we see on almost a daily basis. Over at sister site Builder, John McManus ruminates on what innovation should really mean:

Now, if more than 30% of our collective human resources in housing were engaged--passionate, productive, purposeful--would we be looking differently at the challenges in the fact that six in 10 homeowners need to pay less than $200,000 for a home, used or new; that 40 million people haven't moved in more than 16 years; that an increasingly daunting portion of the nation's housing stock is too old?

Innovation is also one of the tenets of HIVE: Housing Innovation Vision and Economics. The first HIVE event is coming up September 28 and 29, at LA Live. If you're interested, click on the link below to learn more about innovation and why it matters.e

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