Earn all-inclusive luxury vacations to Hawaii and Costa Rica. Get rewards by purchasing from more than one company. Pay for purchases with credit cards. Keep track of rewards points online.

By offering all these incentives to contractors, Orem, Utah–based Sunroc made its rewards program attractive—and both expanded its customer base and improved its days sales outstanding number (DSO). That effort has earned Sunroc a merit award for marketing in the 2013 ProSales Excellence Awards.

Sunroc began the rewards program in 2011. The goals were to encourage current customers to spend more with the dealer, attract more contractors, and decrease collection times. All three have been achieved, says Andrea Staheli, a company spokesperson.

The program was designed to be simple to understand. All customers may participate, and they earn one point per dollar spent on qualifying purchases, as long as the invoice is paid according to credit account terms. The program’s website tracks each contractor’s points. Qualifying purchases include everything from lumber, trusses, windows, and doors to insulation and garage doors.

“The program has inspired inconsistent and semi-consistent members of our client base to become regular customers,” Staheli says.

“Offering rewards has been a smart decision,” she says.

—Diane Kittower is a freelance writer/editor in Maryland.