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Five Tips to Connect With Today's Internet Users

In today's media landscape it is increasingly difficult to reach target audiences with a captivating and memorable message. As more people turn to new media outlets in addition to traditional ones, getting your advertising in front of qualified prospects requires an integrated approach. Read more

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What We've Learned About Social Media

With more than 600 million Facebook users and 140 million Tweets a day on the internet, it makes sense for building material dealers to turn to social media, writes LBM advertiser Walt Denny. When a company does decide on social media it should be calculated and take things one step at a time. Read more

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5 Fresh Ideas: Empower Your Print Advertising

In an age where advertisements can appear in print, online, on television, on-air, on social networks and on mobile devices, golden opportunities to grow your business can get lost in a delirium of unending choices. Here are 5 marketing tips to strengthen your print advertising. Read more

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