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Industry Pros' Twitter Feeds That You Should Follow

ProSales compiled a list of go-to sources for real-time industry conversations. Read more

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Yards From the Edge

Just how diverse are the working conditions for LBM dealers in these United States? To find out, ProSales trekked to yards perched on the four corners of the continental U.S. From National City to Madawaska, from the Florida Keys to the Emerald Kingdom, we found that when you want to sell building supplies, geography truly is destiny. Read more

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Orange Goes Green Orange Goes Green

Anyone still doubting whether the green movement has staying power should note the sheer magnitude of The Home Depot's announcement in April launching a green products branding program. Not only must the investment in marketing, labeling, displays, and education be astronomical, the retailer says it expects revenue from Eco Options?branded products to total $1 billion to $2.8 billion in its first year. That's up to 3% of the company's sales, based on last year's figures. Read more

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Eco Chambers Eco Chambers

Regional LBM associations are scrambling to ensure that a flurry of well-intentioned bills in legislatures across the country promoting green construction don't end up cramping the movement--or dealers' potential sales. Read more

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Savings Plan Savings Plan

You can't open a newspaper these days without being bombarded with headlines about fuel prices. Here are several measures--some basic, some more sophisticated--that you can implement to reduce consumption. Read more

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