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Ten Productivity Tips for LBM Managers

One LBM executive shares his tips for completing management tasks on-time and in-full. Read more

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Confession: How We Got Scammed

The customer didn't haggle on price, had glowing credit references, and claimed to pay its bills only two days past due. One dealer shares how he was taken for $13,000-worth of product. Read more

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Not All Scams are Created Equal. Don't Let These Slip Past You

Business owners should review all accounts payable checks to ensure their company isn't being duped by the latest slick scams. Read more

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Jim Sobeck: Eight Ways To Ruin Your Sales Career

It's easier to fail in business than it is to succeed. Here's how to avoid getting in your own way. Read more

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Jim Sobeck: How To Get References When Hiring

How do you get references in the litigious age we live in, when most companies won't tell much? Jim Sobeck shares a few tips. Read more

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