Jim Groff

Jim Groff is executive vice president and chief marketing officer at WOLF, a building material distributor based in York, Pa.

Jim Groff's Posts

3 More Reasons Why Independent Dealers Hold an Edge

A manufacturer's view on why smaller often is better Read more

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Green's Getting Accountable. Are You Ready? Green's Getting Accountable. Are You Ready?

"We are entering a new phase in the marketing of green building products: an era of accountability," Jim Groff, president of Baublitz Advertising, argues. Here's how Groff believes your building materials operation can turn this challenge into a sales opportunity. Read more

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On the Market On the Market

Every dealer is looking for a way they can grow their business and get more out of their marketing, particularly as we look ahead to a shaky 2007. Here's our five step guide to implementing a smart marketing program. Read more

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Brand Conscious

Over the past several years, companies all along the construction supply channel have embraced the importance of their brand Read more

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