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Flashback: The Pre-Tech Lumberyard

The 2012 Florida Building Materials Association chairman George Fishtorn reflects on working in a lumberyard during the 1980s. Read more

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Adjust for Altitude: Tips for Controlling Your Business Engine

Altitude can drastically affect the performance of any type of gas aspirated engine. In the business world and certainly prevalent in the building supply industry, you have to consistently adjust your business engine, and if you don't, you will be struggling to run at optimal performance. Read more

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Cold Calling Not The Best Way to Promo Products to Dealers

Cold calling may be common in this industry, but it's not the best tactic when trying to promote a new product to the marketplace. Instead, vendor reps should take the time to schedule meetings with whomever it is they're planning on pitching. Read more

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Missed by a Country Mile

FBMA chairman George Fishtorn II shares some suggestions and advice on how to create the best opportunities to land the big sales. His tips include getting the customer in a relaxed setting, talking about things other than work, and keeping positive at all times. Read more

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