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9 Stages to Sales Success

There are infinite ways to gain new business. We took two new paths last year at Gordon Lumber--one analytical, one human--and as a result pushed our sales up 21%. Here's how we did it, starting with the analytical approach. Read more

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What It Takes To Change a Company's Culture

During his years leading operations at Florida's Dunn Lumber, Gary Farber learned his company couldn't move from good to great until it changed its culture. Here's what he did. Read more

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Dunn Lumber: A Case Study in Culture Change

In part 2 of his three-part series, Gary Farber describes how he helped Dunn Lumber improve its operations, but then concluded it wouldn't reach the next level until it changed its corporate culture. Read more

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Why Building a Strong Culture Matters

What often separates the good from the great lumberyards? Much of the time, Gary Farber argues, it's the culture. In this three-part series, the former Dunn Lumber exec explains why culture matters and how to build it at your yard. Read more

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