Bill Lee

Lee is a consultant and sales trainer to building supply business owners and managers. Visit BillLeeOnLine.com or dial 803.303.8366

Bill Lee's Posts

Sales Excellence Begins with Excellence in Hiring

Most managers don't have a clue when it comes to conducting a hiring interview. Here's how to improve. Read more

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How to Differentiate Yourself From Your Competition

Earn business by doing something for the prospect that it can't do for itself Read more

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The Rules of Selling

Relationships matter in the world of sales. Read more

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What NOT to Say on a Sales Call

Are the words you're using working against you on sales calls. Try these. Read more

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How To Spot Profit-Stifling Excuses

If you find yourself uttering any one of these six statements, it's likely your attitude toward your business is costing you money. Here's what to look for and how to shift your mindset. Read more

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