The whole Chinese drywall

debacle is one of many reasons why more and more pros in the residential construction industry are turning to American-made products. As the shockwaves from this calamity are still being felt (see our story on the recent legislation to protect against future damage), manufacturers and dealers alike are even more resolute in avoiding foreign-made products.

“Just to save a buck isn't worth it to put my life and my family at risk,” says Chris Yenrick, president and COO of Smith-Phillips Building Supply in Winston-Salem, N.C. “I want to get an American-made product because I believe our industrial segment is held to a higher standard than the Chinese."

Not only could Chinese-made products be dangerous, John Pace, president and COO of U.S. trimboard manufacturer Versatex, points out, but there’s also the issue of customer service. “If you have a problem with an imported product, whom do you turn to for help?” he asks. “How comfortable are you the warranty will be honored? What if you need technical assistance after the sale or even a jobsite visit by the manufacturer? How does this happen?”

While Yenrick is not an advocate for government over-regulation, he admits that “one of the benefits of having the regulatory system that we do have [in the United States] is that we have higher standards than they have abroad.” –M.A.N.